Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the energy savings from new windows ever offset what I am paying for them?

Assuming that you are replacing the single pane windows so common across Conroe, Texas, yes, the total energy savings will pay you back and more! Industry data shows that roughly 40% of your heating and cooling costs are lost through inefficient windows and doors. A Low-E window provided by Denker & Denker can save 50% and more of this loss. Putting this into numbers, if your average electric and gas bills combined is $400 per month (or $4,800 a year), and your old inefficient windows are costing almost 40% of this (roughly $1,900 a year), then cutting this by 50% means you are saving almost $1,000 per year.

But what about the "and more" savings? Well, here are some additional savings you can expect:

- Tax Credit: As the first direct savings, the 2011 Tax Credit allows you to claim up to $200 on your income taxes. And since this is a credit and not a deduction, this is the same as the government paying as much as $200 of the cost of your new windows!

- Air Conditioner Life: Because significantly less heat is coming into the home through your windows, your Air Conditioner runs less and lasts longer!

- Air Conditioner Size: Are you thinking of upgrading an older A/C unit to a more efficient model? Industry data shows that in heat-dominated climates like ours, replacing single pane windows with efficient windows like ours can result in energy bill savings!

- Home Value: Are you thinking of selling your home now or in the coming years? Then recouping your investment is even faster! Research from Remodeling magazine shows that over 70% of the cost of modernizing your windows is recaptured when you sell your home!

- Important Intangibles: Sitting next to a drafty or hot window is uncomfortable, but a modern window can dramatically improve your personal comfort all year round. And take a walk around your home to look at your furniture, floors, drapes and paint, all which will benefit from the significant reduction in UV radiation

So whether you look at it in direct savings, tax credits, improved home value or those intangible savings that are more difficult to quantify, you will see savings that offset the initial price of your new windows!

2. All modern windows are basically the same, right? Won’t a national brand be cheaper?

Understanding Center-of-Glass Values

Center-of-glass (COG) value - glass alone, no frame - is an easy way to compare the energy performance for each glass type shown below. (Note that these numbers differ from the products' NFRC labels which show "whole product" - glass and frame - values.)



The U-Factor represents the rate of heat flowing out of the window or door in an hour's time. The lower the number, the better the glass insulates.

Here is a link on glass strength.

3. Will I have more protection with a warranty from a National company like Pella.

In a word Yes.

First, Pella windows has been a nationally recognized brand since 1925.  Where many window companies and their warranties have come and gone, including national brands, Pella refuses to cut corners , or build cheaper products.  That's why Denker & Denker has chosen to install Pella Products since 1997.

Second,  should you ever need warranty work, wouldn't you rather deal with an experienced company with a dedicated service department. Our customers would rather deal with someone they know who will handle their concerns, or service work. Ever tried to find a salesman from a purchase, only to find they jumped ship and went to a better paying job?  Remember at Denker & Denker You'll be speaking to the Owner, not just a Salesman....

As an example: What if the inner seal has a failure and my window becomes fogged between the glass, or my Pella product is not functioning as intended? 

With smaller or less reputable companies you could wait a long time for a salesman to return your call.  You might talk to several departments to find your salesman made claims the company will not honor, or you have no warranty.  Since you're not buying more product, you go to the back of the line, or you never receive a call back.  Sound familiar?

When you purchase Pella windows, they offer what is referred to as the 20/10/ 2 Warranty.  20 years glass /10 years non-glass components and 2 years labor.  After two years the customer pays the Local Pella branch for the service call.
If you ever need to schedule service on your Pella product, feel confident your needs questions are answered promptly.  The local Pella branch will answer all service inquiries live with completed service scheduling at the time of the call.


4. I see advertisements in the paper that say they will install windows for under $200 which sounds like a great price! Is there any catch?

As the old adage states, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”

Every time we have looked into such ads, the reality starts with the fact that the window being advertised does not even meet Texas code for energy efficiency! So the first (of many) cost increases is to add Low-E glass so that the window can meet code. Even then, it may not meet the tax credit requirements, so upgrading to that glass package may be additional as well. Then if you want screens with that window, they are extra, too. And do you have aluminum windows currently, like most of Houston? Add even more for labor! Then the salesperson does the production measurements, so the first time the installers ever see your home is when they come to install your windows. And you could still wind up with single strength glass in the end!

We believe in doing things differently at Denker & Denker. First, we know Texas Energy Code and will never "offer" a window that doesn't meet code. There are never hidden costs for screens.  If you want us to handle the entire project, including installation, we perform turnkey jobs most of the time.  Our same window installers can also take the   measurements on your initial appointment. Every heard of someone replacing windows  with a company that only installed the window.  Some companies only caulk the exterior.  They don't do the finishing touches needed inside.  Some things to consider are the window sill.  Does it need to be resized, or replaced?  Who will paint and finish it?  Is there drywall work needed around the interior window frame?  Who finishes the drywall and touches up the paint and texture?  Will my blinds still fit the opening?  Who will reset the blinds?  At Denker & Denker, you get an itemized line item bid before the work starts.  Your proposal will be itemized for each window.

5. Isn’t it slower to have the installer’s do window measurements instead of the salesperson?

No. Generally our installers do your production measurements in a day or two. More importantly, there are obvious advantages to having our installers do your production measurements that would far outweigh any delay if it did exist:

First, with some companies, a salesperson who is not installing will use generic measuring to be sure that anyone can slide the window in place. Without installation knowledge, two openings might appear to be the same, the same size is often used for each opening. This often results in undersized windows that can compromise energy efficiency because of larger gaps around the windows. To hide gaps, some installers often use extra caulk.

Instead, with a Denker & Denker installation, the same team installing your windows also does the production measurements for each opening.  This ensures that we produce the best fit for every window on your home. Even if you have a number of windows that appear to be the same size, there may be brick or siding that could slightly change the size for each window.  By starting with a Pella Certified Contractor, you know the same person measuring your windows is the same person installing the windows.

Second, in the construction industry there is a saying of „measure twice, cut once." At Denker & Denker we start by taking measurements for quotation and look at your home for any unique issues they interfere with installation.  By having the installers do production measurements adds a second set of eyes to every project.

Third, by having the installers do production measurements, they see your home and the entire project before anything is ever started instead of the installers arriving for the first time when they begin tearing out your old windows.

And while it may seem a small thing, meeting the installation team before production even begins lets you know members of the crew that will actually be working in and around your home. They see things other salesman might not see. 

Examples:  On the exterior are there shrubs in the work area, sprinklers, soft, or loose brick?  Interior: Alarm wires, custom moldings, cased openings?  Each item mentioned can affect the final cost of the installation.  Each job is different and most homes are not built identical. 

6. What is the energy code requirement for Houston? Is it any different than Dallas or other parts of Texas?

Most people are surprised to find out that there is a difference in the energy code requirements between Houston and other parts of Texas. In fact, the IECC recognizes three different regions in Texas in their 2006 code*, with three general regions with different requirements for windows, skylights and doors.

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