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I founded Denker & Denker Enterprises LLC. many years ago after serving an apprenticeship working with my uncle for a number of years.

After an extended apprenticeship, my uncle felt my talents could better serve the communities of South Texas through my own company. D&D continues the traditions of high quality craftsmanship initiated by my uncle over seventy years ago. I still train others with the "old world craftsmanship" my uncle trained me with. My uncle, Ernest Schroeder, came from a large hardworking German background, where many of his family members were tradesmen. I worked with him on many historical homes and started my apprenticeship working on estate homes.

I am a fourth generation carpenter and painter, full service contractor. By the age of 15, I was learning the fine art of making furniture and learning the art of wood turning. My attention to detail and quality workmanship ultimately led to many successful and award winning projects.

From a very young age, I remember my brother and I working alongside my uncle, a hammer, and paint brush were never far away. As I got older, it became clear to me that I had a natural talent for detailed hand work and ornate wood work. This attention to detail, initially guided me toward fine furniture, custom made doors, specialty projects and manufacturing custom architectural millwork. Fine wood work and building things always came natural to me.

Many of my past projects never seemed like work. I gained some of my knowledge through school and my instructors. I continued to gain experience in the construction industry and my talents soon became apparent in that field.

At one time, I ran several crews for my uncle before venturing out on my own. Today, we enjoy a flawless reputation for superior detailed craftsmanship, a commitment to excellence and customer service. We have nurtured long lasting relationships with clients that continue as friends.

D&D has long lasting relationships with other professionals such as sub-trades, suppliers, engineers, attorneys, and other professionals in the construction industry. In the mid 1990's D&D started property management. Many of our clients ask us to manage their homes while they travel.

Our website has many project photos, I hope you find a project that resembles your ideas, then put your own personal touch on it. Our strength is our satisfied customers. Our jobs start with customers and continues with long lasting friendships.

An eye for detail allows us take your existing home and blend your new project ideas to make it look like your home was custom from the start.

I treat every job with personal attention, and hope that shows within the photos throughout this website. I look forward to hearing from you. And remember, you're not speaking to a salesman, your speaking to the owner!

Mark Denker

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